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Sadly, as we could not find anyone/anywhere that would provide a venue, its with regret we have canceled organizing a Pangea Day event.

All the venues I contacted were either already booked OR would not provide the hall/venue for free. Typical Cambridge…

We did have an offer from a Cambridge Uni student for a hall at a CB Uni, but it came too late, earlier this week.

Thanks for your interest and perhaps next time we’ll be more successful.

The nearest venues showing are likely London, but are available on the main pangeaday website at http://www.pangeaday.com


PangeaDay comes to Cambridge!

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Click here to find out more, or simply watch the video below:

We invite you to join us in this vision!

We are working with an ever-expanding network of people who are helping, by both large and modest means, to make Pangea Day a reality. And though our resources are limited, all of us are increasingly positive that the events on May 10 will be a success and bring inspiration, hope and increased awareness to anyone who will have the opportunity and pleasure to enjoy Pangea Day. That includes a wide spectrum of people – in short, anyone who cares about life and what is happening on Planet Earth.

We need your energy, enthusiasm and support to get this show on the road. And so we’ll be posting a day-by-day progress report and itinerary to give everyone who’d like to be a part of this some idea of what lies ahead for us on the road to Pangea Day.

The PANGEA DAY screening on Saturday, May 10 is a FREE EVENT, open to all members of the public, and brought to you by Pangea Day and the Friends of Pangea Day Cambridge.


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This website will contain all the information about the free public PangeaDay event to be held on May 10th 2008 in Cambridge, England; at a venue to be announced.

We need help!

With only a few weeks to go I desperately need help to make this happen! Please contact me via this site, leave a comment or email me; or call me on +44 (0) 7831 543 992.

In particular we need to:

  • Secure a venue
  • Secure a large screen/projected (if the venue does not have one)
  • Secure PA equipment
  • Have help on the day
  • Sponsorship would be fantastic
  • Help with PR locally
  • Rally everyone you know to come and raise awareness
  • Join the Facebook group and tell your friends!

This website will be updated more over the coming days.

Don’t hesitate – contact me to help today!

Many thanks,

Andrew Scott.